About Me

Hi! I'm Terrell! I'm a self proclaimed pop culture fanboy and certified black boy joyologist writing about my everyday life, pop culture, and fashion.

Welcome to my blog!  Go ahead, get cozy, stay a while, and feel free to invite a friend. I'm a cool dad!



Fun Facts...   

  1. I'm a Leo. 
  2. Bulldogs are my favorite breed of dog. Frenchies are my favorite type. 
  3. Smiling is my trademark. 
  4. I'm the old man on your street that keeps any ball that finds its way into my yard. 
  5. Being a bit awkward is my brand 
  6. My ideal night-in is some sort of pasta dish and Law & Order. Either SVU (duh) or Criminal Intent (RIP)
  7. Coffee is the spinach to my Popeye. 
  8. A good sense of humor will never fail to win me over.
  9. I prefer to eat standing up and If the food is really good, I'll probably dance.
  10. Chicken is my life. 

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