It’s a Whack…Whack World


So here I am sending a relaxing night in watching YouTube on a Friday night when i suddenly i found myself face to face with Tierra Whack’s thumbnail for her new video ,Unemployed. It was in my recommended which I often ignore, but this time I had to click. The eye contact was too intense. The thumbnail is both threatening and compelling, like if she’s daring me to click but her tone is more of a command. So of course I clicked. I was surprised, in a good way. Right off the bat I enjoyed her rap style. The video was a little left of center and quirky. After checking out her live stuff and Visual Album for Whack World I quickly realized that quirky and weird was is her brand. Song after 1min. long song I fell further in love with her style. Each song had a different vibe and it seemed as if a different character was providing the narrative for each song. The styling and production was creative. I hate to say it because Tierra is clearly her own person, but It’s like she is a mini Missy Elliot. Continuing down my rabbit hole discovery session I clicked on the next video recommended. Tierra Whack Gets Interviewed By Kids | Arts & Raps from All Def Music’s channel sealed the deal. Tierra making arts and crafts while being interviewed by 2 kids is hilarious. I’ll leave that gift below for your entertainment. Your Welcome 🙃


P.S. I’m going to need some fashion houses to get in touch with here ASAP. I’d love to see her as somebodies ambassador.