When you move to New York or any other large/expensive city there are things that you just learn to accept. Having roommates is one of those things. I've never had roommates before so learning to live with people that aren't me or closely related to me is a bit of an adjustment. Learning everyone's personalities, likes, dislikes, allergies, and how they'd like to be paid when it comes to utilities has been a lot to get used to but a learning experience nonetheless. Clearly, I'm open to it. With all the random roommate horror stories I've heard, I've managed to luck out. That's God! My roommates are pretty good and we even hang out and explore the city together. Which I really like. It breaks down some of the walls that keep use from really seeing each other. Living with complete strangers has taught me a lot about what it means to be someone's roommate, but it's mostly taught me that I want nothing more than to live alone. So that's my goal by the end of this lease, to have my own place. Whether in New York or back in Rochester or somewhere else I need something that is mine. 

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