All new Everything...Who is this again?



I (like many of you) have a complicated relationship status with change. I can go from levels of Chrismas day like excitement to frenzied panic, and finally this kind of zen "Let go & let God" state. All of it is pure madness, but still valid and natural. Change is scary because you're walking into the unknown. Thankfully things tend to get easier with time. All of that in mind, change has been on the menu for the last 3 month. I changed my self physically with a haircut. I went from curly/kinky, big hair Terrell to baby Terrell circa 2014 with a classic brushcut. I forgot how round my face is because of the sheer bigness of my hair kind of lengthen my face. I feel youthful and more optimistic than usual. Granted my optimism meters runs between 85-90% so with this extra boost anything is possible. 


The second life change comes in 2 parts. I recently accepted  2 new positions. While I do consider both to be professional, I'm only getting paid for one of them. The other I'm doing to help out and gain more experience in a field I love. It's kinda like an internship except I'm the captain of the ship making the final call. As far as the paid position it is something completely new. I'm in the middle of training and learning/digesting tons of information every day. It really is uncharted territory for me but I'm confident that I'll do well. Lastly on my list of newness I've decided to really lean into my creative side and see where it takes me. I am a naturally creative person and like attention. (What?! I'm a Leo and the youngest of 3.) I'm taking my blogging and content creation a bit more serious these days. This I'll be putting myself out there so much more than I have in the past and trying a lot of new things. Honestly thinking about it makes me a little nervous because I want people to like it and respond well, but that can't be the focus. So no doubt there will be daily reminders that it's the quality of work over quantity of likes or shares.  



P.S. I'm getting dark skin Joe (my dad) vibes from this. #dadvibes


Change is a scary beast made to make you uncomfortable and uneasy. Will you tame it or will you let it's size and noise avoid it all together? I'm going to make these changes my pet and make them work in my favor. Easier said than done, but I'm eager to see what fruits come from this series of adventures.